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About Rising Stars

Founded in 2013, Rising Stars Property Solutions CIC began by offering a cleaning service. It has now grown to become one of the largest third sector property services companies within the Midlands offering services in construction, gardening, clearance and cleaning.

Whilst being able to deliver a comprehensive range of services we are also able to help our communities and customers gain maximum social and economic value.

Personally recognised by the Prime Minister for working with marginalised groups within disadvantaged communities for recognition for civil society and Social Enterprise UK.

Between April 2016-2017, working with our partners has helped us to employ 2 ex-offenders, a recovering substance user and supply 34 people a unique training course to help them move closer to the employment market. This has saved the tax payer and society £198,701.

There are a variety of things that we believe differentiate Rising Stars from other property service companies:

• We are a Not–for–Profit organisation.

• We are recognised social enterprise award winners in our

approach to the local community, the environment, our partners and the people we serve.

• We offer good value for money as well as great added social value.



Rising Stars provides work experience to not only disadvantaged groups, but people who want or need to increase their prospects of gaining employment. Work experience locks in further potential by building useful skills that cannot be taught in the classroom as well as contacts that people otherwise would not be exposed to.



“A perspective employer will always look favourable on the effort taken by those who have done work experience, which empowers new talent and gives them an edge to push for the most sought after position in the field”


- The Institution of Engineering & Technology


The search for employment by some disadvantaged groups is hard in a highly competitive marketplace. For example, older job seekers and carers may be less flexible in their working hours; those with disabilities may require additional support in the workplace initially; long term unemployed may need to update their skills and qualifications as a result of their absence from the labour market.

Rising Stars works with existing and new clients to enable those who are disadvantaged to gain paid employment through their partnership approach.

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