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Deep Cleaning

We are experts in emergency decontamination and deep cleaning services.

Rising Stars, a non-for-profit company, isn't interested in making lots of money, we are more interested in providing you with that much needed  tailored service plan to fit your company needs.

Deep cleaning refers to the process which goes above and beyond a daily clean and ensures that all areas of your establishment are maintained in a safe and hygienic manner. While daily cleaning will involve vacuuming, mopping and the maintenance of a tidy appearance, a deep clean will tackle the more hidden, but no less important, areas of cleanliness.

A deep clean usually entails disinfectant cleaning and is generally undertaken at a quiet period on your establishment so that the cleaning team are able to do a really thorough job. Our services follow official guidance to EU/EEA Member States on environmental cleaning in healthcare and non- healthcare settings.



Services are available to a wide range of companies and individuals.  

We provide:

- Regular preventative disinfection plans

- One-off services 

- Decontamination of ‘High-touch’ surfaces 

- Operations are carried out 24-7 to ensure minimal disruption time at your workplace

- Nationwide Service


Rising Stars offers a range of hygiene management and maintenance services. Our nationwide team can accommodate urgent requests from customers at short notice

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