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Michael Idowu

 Nehemiah Housing UCHA

“We choose to work with Rising Stars Cleaning because they were the best ‘value for money’. They not only empower our residents to do better for themselves but they also encourage our residents to take responsibility for their community. We look forward to continuously working with Rising Stars.



Suzanne Callen

 Summit House

 “Rising Stars provide our charity with an excellent and professional cleaning service. Offering employment opportunities to our customers is another example of how partnership working can benefit all involved.  We are proud to be involved with Rising Stars as they share our vision of inclusive employment opportunities and are an example to customers who wish to start a social enterprise or CIC proving that it can be done.  Investing in those who are far from the employment market is an excellent business strategy as the commitment and loyalty shown by employees is what makes for a happy and successful endeavour. I would recommend Rising Stars to anyone looking for a professional, competent, ethical and competitive service.”

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John Boyle, Keepmoat

 “Working with Rising Stars Cleaning is another example of how Keepmoat is engaging with and helping the local communities in which it works. We actively seek to work with local enterprises as we believe they understand and can help to combat the real issues local people in their communities face

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