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Anti-Viral Cleaning

We provide a fully effective nationwide Anti-Viral fogging service. Using the latest fogging application devices and our NHS approved disinfectant, we are revolutionising the cleaning process across all industries. 


Why choose Rising Stars for your Anti - Viral Cleaning?

  • We are a Not-for-profit organisation.

  • Our staff are an established and experienced team in environmental cleaning.

  • We use an NHS approved antimicrobial disinfectant. 

  • It is an ideal choice for all your requirements to reduce transmissions from human to human and kill the virus on surfaces.

  • Fogging Cleaning is one of the most effective ways of ensuring every part of an area has been treated.

  • Once an area has been fogged with the product it can normally be back in use within 30 minutes. 

  • Proven to kill, Enveloped and non- enveloped virus (Coronavirus is a enveloped virus),

  • We use approved chemicals to complete disinfecting cleaning against viruses and harmful bacteria to limit contaminants on your sites.

  • We have already completed Anti - microbial Cleans in Food manufacturing, Restaurants, Care & Rest Homes, Offices, Manufacturing Facilities, and more.

  • Each of our teams are trained on risk assessments, COSHH and standard operating procedures and in use of all equipment, PPE & chemicals.

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