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Our Mission

Our mission is to create employment and training opportunities for people from disadvantaged communities who would typically face barriers to employment.

Many of our staff have come to us as volunteers or through work placements, and been offered sustainable employment with Rising Stars as we’ve recognised the individual talent and passion in each person regardless of their background. We reinvest our profits into capacity building for our staff by providing training solutions to help them further enhance their skills whilst overcoming barriers to employment.

Our Vision

Is to see all those that are currently far from employment become employable with relevant, current skills and qualifications.

We do this by providing:

• Employment opportunities.

• Training.

• Work experience.


Our Values


We ensure the disadvantaged groups whom we work with get the opportunity to increase their likelihood of gaining paid work internally and externally through work experience or training.


We expect all our staff to honour the truth at all times and be positive ambassadors for themselves and our business.



Rising Stars is a fun place to be and to work as we truly believe that a positive work environment and great attitude contributes to positive outcomes for our staff, our business and our clients.

Customer satisfaction


All our contracts are tailored to meet our client’s needs. We treat each and all of our customers/partners as our number one client and we strive to achieve service excellent at all times.

Hard working


We are aware that most of our services are physically demanding which requires all our staff to have good health and well-being, and also be prepared to meet the high standards and tight deadlines required by our clients.

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